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Enjoying your stay in Nancy


Don’t miss out on the beauty of Nancy and its neighbouring towns: Destination Nancy, Greater Nancy and the City of Nancy are pleased to offer every participant of the 8th Clay Conference a City Pass, giving free access to many attractions and special offers (e.g. tours, historical centres, leisure activities) during a 24 hours period after its first activation.

On presentation of your coupon, come and collect your free City Pass at the Tourist Information Point located at the reception of the Centre Prouvé.

The City Pass is valid for 1 year so you can either enjoy it during your stay or come back and discover Nancy!

Extending your stay


Niched between Champagne and Burgundy, Haute-Marne is a land of tradition, surprising discoveries, unexpected encounters and huge open spaces. The main entryways to our region are Langres with its ramparts, the hometown of the philosopher Denis Diderot; Colombey-les-Deux-Églises, a village dear to the heart of General de Gaulle; the wellness and spa resort of Bourbonne-les-Bains; Der Lake, an inland sea in Champagne, and now with the National Park of Forests, there’s a world of wonders to explore. The senses come alive in this lush countryside, ideal for relaxation and leisure. There’s a fascinating mix of great local produce, thriving arts and culture, exciting histories of battles and castles, a rich architectural heritage, and ancient craft skills.

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Discovering Meuse

Nestled between the Champagne and the Alsace areas, the Meuse is a lush region crossed from south to north by the mighty river of the same name. With over a third of its surface covered in woodland, the Meuse is wonderfully green region, blessed with bucolic and picturesque landscapes where glistening rivers flow and charming villages pop up in between the rolling hills. Wide, open spaces, fresh air and a bountiful natural environment make the Meuse a wonderful place to live.

History runs deep here as the region was the centre-stage for some of the most impressive battles of World War One such as Verdun, whose battlefield and Memorial you can visit to understand the sheer magnitude of the conflict. Head to the beautiful centre of Bar-le-Duc or to Saint-Mihiel and you will also find traces of a rich Renaissance artistic and architectural current while in the south, the passage of Joan of Arc is noticeable in and around Vaucouleurs. Up in the north, you will be blown away by Montmédy’s fortified citadel or the sunning example of Gothic architecture visible in Avioth’s basilica.

Land of the plenty, the Meuse is famous for its sweet Mirabelle plum and all the delicious products derived from it as well as the madeleine cake or the almond dragées sweets, but did you know we also grow excellent wine here, that our soils are peppered with truffles or that the famous Brie cheese is mostly made in Meuse? Perhaps if we were to sum up the Meuse in one idea, we’d say that she is truly full of surprises.

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